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Baby Names in Herts

Hertfordshire welcomes Ged, Spartacus and Storm

Looking for a name for your new baby? Herts County Council have compiled a list of the most popular names throughout the county last year, as well as some more unusual choices!
Isabelle and Jack were top of the tots' names registered last year by parents at registration offices across Hertfordshire.

Other popular names plumped for by parents included Daisy, Charlotte and Sophie for girls; and Oliver, Daniel and Thomas for boys.

More unusual choices for children were: India, Neve, Paisley, Keira, Whitney, Storm, Scarlet, Tegan, Hunni Princess, Angel-J, Honey Beau, Blossom Bluebell, and Saffron-Rose for girls; and Barak, Mozies, Kais, Jaxen, De Andre, Kenji, Chase, Roman Omari, Ged Spartacus, Jaiyon, Eden and Caelan for boys.

“A lot of thought goes into naming a baby - and 2010 saw people be as creative as ever,” said Keith Emsall, Executive Member for the Registration Service.  Whatever choice parents make, they can celebrate the birth and naming of their child at a Civil Naming Ceremony organised by Hertfordshire’s Registration Service.  It is an ideal way for parents who do not want a religious ceremony to share a very special moment with family and friends.” For more information on civil namings please visit the website www.hertsdirect.org or to make a booking please telephone 0300 1234045

Hertfordshire's most popular baby names in 2010:

1.  Isabelle
2.  Daisy
3.  Charlotte
4.  Sophie
5.  Sienna
6.  Summer
7.  Megan
8.  Grace
9.  Lucy


1.  Jack
2.  Oliver
3.  Daniel
4.  Thomas
5.  Joshua
6.  Alexander
7.  Charlie
8.  Harry
9.  George
10.  Joseph
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