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Home & Garden - Cleaning on a Budget

Home & Garden - Cleaning on a Budget

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Two of the cheapest and most readily available grocery products could save you a fortune in cleaning products.

Bicarbonate of soda for example has an amazing amount of applications.  It can be used on a damp cloth instead of expensive cream cleaners, and is just as effective at a fraction of the price.  Add bicarbonate of soda to a white wash for brilliant results.  To freshen rugs and carpets, sprinkle on bicarb, then vacuum.  Bicarbonate of soda can also remove scuffmarks from wooden and vinyl floors.  Pour a cup of bicarb down your plugholes followed by a few cups of boiling water to keep drains clear and odour free.

White vinegar also has a multitude of uses.  Vinegar can be used to clean water spots from stainless steel areas.  Fill a spray bottle with a solution of one-third vinegar and two-thirds water, for sparkling, smear-free windows and other glass surfaces.  Use a small amount of vinegar in the final wash cycle as fabric softener – don’t worry, the smell evaporates in a hot wash! Also, to clean soap scum from your washing machine, pour half a cup of vinegar in the dispenser and running a wash cycle.  Finally, you can use vinegar to clean and deodorise the inside of your fridge.

So, next time you’re in the supermarket reaching for the expensive cleaning products, think again.  Why not head instead to the grocery aisle for some cheaper and much more eco-friendly alternatives.

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